Tuesday, August 12, 2003

le parcours

You love the sounds and smells of French cooking. Precious quote: "The morgues in Paris are full."

I happen to think Al Franken's funny, even when I don't agree with him. Fox isn't amused, though.

Martha Stewart's breasts are reportedly sagging below her waistline.

An excellent rant by The Naked Villain.

Recent sighting: a group of pathetic people vainly striving for relevance.

Naughty US soldier?

President Noh Mu Hyon's penis remains trapped in an ever-tightening C-clamp.

Hanch'ongnyeon finds itself in a crossfire as multiple anuses dump massively on it.

Korea bats its lashes at India. India scratches its crotch and leers.

I've noticed a helluva lot of Indians in Seoul. They usually travel in packs of about three or four-- a phenomenon first noted by a Kiwi friend of mine. Many of them speak Korean scarily well, which always turns me green with envy. I'll say this: Indians have to be an improvement over the fat, orange-haired Russian women with huge suitcases-- stuffed with cheap clothes-- waddling around the Dongdaemun area.

Another consequence of labor's recent victory over Hyundai.

Korean government with thumb firmly up own ass.

I usually think of August 15th as Assumption Day for Catholics. But this is Korea.

More naive garbage.

Merde in France takes on Carlos the Jackal... and his new book, which, unsurprisingly, is a paean to terrorism.

The Scots are so rough and tough that they scare even themselves!

The Marmot gets on whores. Gets on their case, I mean. and the Korea Herald's case, too. The Marmot's article links to Kevin at IA's article on the pussy-with-lice phenomenon. Read 'em both.

Chief Wiggles reports from Baghdad.

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