Tuesday, August 26, 2003

an envy-motivated request

Other bloggers have FAQs detailing their personal info, dammit. I haven't included one. Though I'm fond of writing imaginary interviews (check out Mark Leyner's books; he does them far better), I'd prefer to answer real questions from actual readers. But my brain is empty-- what does one ask a bulky, menacing Hominid? Having no clue, I scratch my pits, sniff my fingers for courage, then turn to the readership.

So ask me anything, no matter how pedestrian or wild you think your question might be. Nothing to fear: I won't be mentioning who wrote which questions. And if your question is too outlandish even for me, then I probably won't put it in the finalized FAQ (misnomer if ever there was one).

Send a question list that's as long or as short as you please. And yes, feel free to include whiny requests like,

Q: When are you going to change your blog's B&W color scheme to something interesting?
(A: I'm an aesthetic minimalist, so I kinda like it this way.)


Q: When will you include a comments option that allows me to append a comment directly to one of your posts?
A: Probably never. Steven Den Beste gets away with this, and I think he's on to something. But if enough want it... I'll think about it.


Q: When are we gonna see some pictures & graphics & stuff?
A: This is being worked on. I'm thinking about a comic strip. And a logo, which I'll design, since I cartoon.

So ask away. Send questions to my email address:


Remember to type "HAIRY CHASMS" into the email's subject line, or Satan will trash your email.

Thanks in advance.

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