Friday, December 12, 2003

the Air Marshal strikes!

With many thanks to the Air Marshal for his blog (just below this one) in support of my essay writing.

As you already know, the Air Marshal's a guest writer on the Maximum Leader's Naked Villainy blog. The AM's just written a great piece blasting the EU and the UN. Here are some choice quotes from that:

Now the real reason the French/Germans/Russians opposed the war becomes apparent once again. We snuffed out one of their best customers. Shouldn't have been selling military related equipment to a nation under a UN embargo, anyway, but I guess that's irrelevant. Europeans are free to ignore the UN when convenient.

Score. And that's just the first paragraph.

The UN is great. Saudi Arabia lets a school full of little girls burn to the ground, killing all involved, because their fire fighters aren't allowed to mingle with "single women" due to Morality issues... and the UN is silent. But every time an American Soldier flicks a booger on the ground, the UN calls for an investigation. The UN has become an "I hate America/Israel" forum.

Back in high school in the 1980s, we three-- the Maximum Leader, the Air Marshal, and your humble narrator-- participated in a "model UN" event in Manhattan. Great way to meet people, get noisy (some of us, anyway), and learn a little about the political process. I came away having learned little-- not because I knew everything about politics, but because I've always been terminally clueless about it. Politics still baffles me. The blogosphere has contributed greatly to my political awareness, but I'm still fumbling about, trying to perceive the connections and implications other people see so clearly.

And where [do] the fat, chocolate munching Belgian bureaucrats get off thinking they can rule the world by decree from Brussels? I don't think we should acknowledge the EU in any way, until it's run by elected officials.


We all know that, in practical terms, this isn't going to happen (just as it's unlikely the Bush Administration will openly back Taiwan in its quest for independence), but I agree completely with the pissed-off sentiment. When people labeled the EU philosophy "transnational progressivism," we gave a name to our pain. I used to think a world government might be a good idea. Then we went to war with Iraq, and as I watched the geopolitics, a lot of opinions changed.

Thanks, once again, to the AM for his sentiments. And I didn't even have to pay him off.


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