Saturday, December 06, 2003

just doing my job, sharing the outrage

Dan Darling at Regnum Crucis on the propaganda footage of an al-Qaeda training camp:

Now [forgive] me, but Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian state, is it not? The cops sure as hell don't have problems arresting alcohol salesmen, thieves, drug dealers, uncovered women, or underground religious organizations, so why in God's name is an operation like this (with full military training curriculum) able to go in the Magic Kingdom for Lord knows how long, pumping out new cadres of militants whose theoretical objectives involve the overthrow of the monarchy[?] So how exactly is this able to go on undetected?

This is no way to run a police state!

One further point on the subject of the video tape is that while blurring images is not terribly esoteric work, it does imply a level of professionalism and sophistication that has previously been lacking from the organization's propaganda footage.


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