Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I knew it! I KNEW IT!

It had to happen: the nutritional Armageddon, where the Armies of Vegetarianism will march against the Forces of Low Carb Carnivorousness.

And Salon has the scoop. I don't usually link to Salon premium content because the site makes you either pay to subscribe, or forces you to watch a stupid ad, but this one time I'll break my vow to present you:


Hee hee. And there's a PETA angle. Gloooorious.

Here's a snippet from the beginning (the part of the article visible to those who choose not to pay/watch an ad):

But for vegans and animal-rights activists, for whom meat is as bad ideologically as they believe it is physically, the ever-rising profile of low-carb diets is a major public-relations setback. There may be no consensus on the healthiness of low-carb diets, but there is no denying their increasing popularity.

Meat is back! The magic words "low-carb" are popping up in beer commercials and Weight Watchers products. So clearly, something needed to be done. After a year of soliciting reports from low-carb dieters suffering from everything from gout to bad breath, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine collected 188 responses to their informal online survey, and decided to call a press conference to highlight the most heinous among them.

It's at times like these that I take an almost Carlinesque pleasure in watching ideological partisans fight with each other.


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