Wednesday, December 03, 2003

le parcours coréen

A few years late, but a nonetheless-fascinating exegesis of the "Uncle Fucka" song by Stavros the Wonderchicken.

Drambuie Man fisks the South Korean insistence that food must be fresh, when all around we see processed crap. I agree, but I disagree that Korean cuisine has become a "red haze" just because there's a lot of goch'u use. And since Korean cuisine isn't, generally speaking, "oven" cuisine, I don't hold it against Koreans that their traditional dishes aren't baked. Call me partisan, but I grew up eating Korean food in all shapes & colors; trust me-- it's not a red haze.

The Man also posts, as a father, on the NK atrocity of killing mixed-blood children (again, something that South Koreans tend to gloss over in public discourse on NK). He says in part:

Being a father of mixed race child, and even just a father in general, it only makes me sick to my stomach and want the invasion the North fears to happen now. Funny how you feel when your thoughts are beyond the clinical abstract.

Which reminds me that Satan's Anus recently offered a link to this site, Students for War, which advocates immediate US military action against the North.

I sympathize and share Drambuie Man's rage, but now isn't the time (I know he knows this & was only posting his feelings). But as my sympathy for SK's government and youthful populace continues to drain away, my tune may change.

Kevin at IA has a good laugh at recent North Korean demands for recompense from America. Some of NK's claims, which also try to demonstrate just how buddy-buddy the North is with the South:

The U.S. imperialists killed in cold blood at least 2,240,000 civilians and patriots or 10 percent of the population of south Korea right after their occupation of south Korea (September 1945-May 1950) and during the Korean war of aggression (June 1950-July 1953). At least 83,000 innocent people were killed by the U.S. imperialists' firing, violence, terrorism, robbery, rape, arson, deliberate traffic incident, spread of contagious diseases and spray of defoliant in the postwar period (August 1953-present).


The amount of damage inflicted by the U.S. imperialists upon the south Korean people runs into astronomical figures. If the victims are considered to be still alive and the income to be earned by them during their lifetime plus its interest and the changed value of U.S. dollar, etc. are estimated by the calculation method according to the international usage, the amount of damage caused to the dead is estimated to be 9,343,020,050,000 U.S. dollars, the amount of damage to the wounded 13,105,728,120,000 U.S. dollars, bringing the total amount of human damage to 22,448,748,170,000 U.S. dollars.

If a total amount of damage including the confiscation of "enemy property," the levy of taxes, extortion of grains is estimated at the present price, it amounts to 4,281,665,880,000 U.S. dollars.

A total amount of damage caused by destruction runs into 5,145,398,340,000 U.S. dollars when estimated at the present price, and the amount of damage resulting from "aid" totals 2,341,469,900,000 U.S. dollars and the amount of damage incurred by trade and the market opening totals 1,413,903,760,000 U.S. dollars.


This means, in the final analysis, the U.S. imperialists have inflicted upon south Korea material and economic losses worth 17,415,708,040,000 U.S. dollars through plunder, destruction, "aid," trade and the market opening and the infiltration of capital since their occupation of south Korea.

Meanwhile, the loss south Korea has suffered due to the U.S. military bases totals 127,792,170,000 U.S. dollars and the loss incurred by its payment of the expenses for the upkeep of the U.S. troops in south Korea is estimated at 705,395,760,000 U.S. dollars.

South Korea's loss caused by the forced purchase of war equipment totals 1,083,633,580,000 U.S. dollars when its interest and the changed value of a U.S. dollar are taken into account.

The U.S. imperialists have staged a total of 13,700 war exercises of various forms in south Korea, counting only those made public. The amount of damage caused by them is estimated to be 577,742,910,000 U.S. dollars.

If the amount of damage caused to the land, forests and rivers and streams by environmental pollution and destruction is estimated on the basis of the expenses for restoring them to their original state, it totals 780 billion U.S. dollars.


The Marmot offers comprehensive coverage of what's going on inside the tiny skulls of South Korea's current policymakers re: troop dispatch to Iraq... it's a woefully mixed bag.

The Vulture remarks on the phenomenon of "female solons."

I've given up on lux bearer (the coward who won't admit he's Korean... too ashamed?), since he ceased to be entertaining and still doesn't know how to insult people in English fluently, but if you want to read his lame gibes, visit that comment thread here. He accuses me of being a fat bastard ("Get-- in-- mah-- BELLY!!"), but I suspect he's ugly and know he's stupid-- both of which are unchangeable conditions.

A note to people who might think I was being too mean too lux bearer: It was obvious from the moment I began reading his peabrained posts that he wasn't interested in a reasonable discussion. So instead of attempting a meaningful debate, I decided I might as well provide the audience a little fun. It's no more high-minded than the fun derived from bullying someone who's obviously dimwitted, but lux bearer pretty much bent himself over and demanded to be reamed. Lucky for us, he still doesn't seem to realize this, but (1) I obviously pissed him off, and (2) he's now visiting my blog. The entire encounter went according to my terms. I declared I was stopping, and so I've stopped. lux has the floor because I choose to cede it.

A reminder to lux bearer and others who can't see the political situation as it is:

If you're Korean and this pisses you off, it's because you know I'm fucking RIGHT.

While we're still on Seeing Eye Blog, though, I should note Mike's post about Bush's new title, given to him by a grateful Iraqi-- "Avenger of the Bones," as detailed here.

Lastly: Peter Schroepfer at Oranckay notes an evil omen. Am not looking forward to my return to Godae.

And that's all for now.


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