Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Yup, I'm a big Tolkien fan. Never really liked much other fantasy. Unlike BH, and Max Leader, I never really liked Covenant either. It all seemed too heavy handed and strained. I did like the Gap series, and I thnk that was much better than Covenant, but I'm digressing.

So far, I've loved Jackson's interpretation of LOTR. Haven't had a chance to see Return of the King yet, though, so I'll wait with a big post until then. Probably play hookey from work tomorrow to check it out.

I also have to say, that I think the extended versions available on DVD are closer to what I'd consider a definitive film version of the story. So I'd really have to wait until next fall to see the extended version of Return of the King to REALLY have my say.

But on the whole I think that Jackson nailed Fellowship dead on, but he slightly missed the mark with the Two Towers. I didn't like his take on the character or Faramir, though I understood why he did it. I also didn't like his take on the set up to Helms deep, though I won't go into it here. Visually, I don't think a better Middle Earth could ever be represented on film.

More to come.

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