Saturday, December 13, 2003

more Christmas treasures appear!
Santa's ass cracks a smile!

You might want to go take a gander at Caverns of the Big Hominid, where new products are up: six new styles of tee shirt, six new mugs (large and regular), six new Biersteins, and six new tile coasters. Other products are on the way.

Of special note: brush art of the Sino-Korean character "yong," meaning "dragon," and-- finally-- the Chinese rendering of that Roman "dick" proverb:


in a time of misfortune
a big dick
is useless

Buy a dragon mug. Get a Roman proverb tee (in abstract or normal Chinese calligraphy). Buy some tile coasters for yourself and your friends. It's Christmas, you know.

I'll be displaying some of the designs on the blog soon, but you can see them now if you visit my CafeShops store.

So stop yer wankin' and git crankin'!


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