Sunday, December 21, 2003

sidebar of madness

I got an email asking what's wrong with my sidebar. From here in NoVA, on this PC, everything looks fine, but I know that different computers render my blog's look differently. If my sidebar (or anything else about the blog) appears to be acting up, please do write in and tell me. This is very helpful because it forces me to root around my template and keep learning HTML.

My previous sidebar woes seemed to arise because my graphics are set as fixed widths, whereas the sidebar itself is set up as a percentage of total screen width (something like 30% sidebar, 70% blog body). On some computers, the 30% sidebar width is too narrow for some of the sidebar pics, which then get shoved below the blog text-- WAY below. To see the sidebar, you have to scroll down past the earliest blog text at the "bottom" of that week's accumulated blogging. So I've solved sidebar problems in the past by shrinking my pics, reducing their width below 200 pixels to keep weirdness from happening.

Maybe this is what's happening again...? Stay tuned. And please write in if you see a problem.


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