Sunday, December 07, 2003

critical errors by Baathist terrorists = loss of testicles to Korean special ops

Flying Yangban is the place to go for this post about two unintended consequences to the killings of two South Korean workers in Iraq: (1) an apparent strengthening (as he sees it) of the US-SK alliance, and (2) increasing calls within the SK government and military for a higher percentage of Korean combat troops going to Iraq.

I hope this is true. The SK public remains pretty ambivalent overall, though I haven't parsed the opinions deeply. But if SK's finding its courage again, this can only be a good thing. South Korean special forces were a nightmare to the North Vietnamese back in the day; they won't have Geneva Convention compunctions about Iraqi hit-and-run squads that kill some of their own. As the Yangban puts it:

That's right boys and girls, the Baathist[s] might find themselves facing Korea's finest. I found a web page that gave a brief overview of Korean special ops units.

For any readers out there who are not familiar with Korea, I'm not saying that Korean special operations forces are any better trained than other special ops forces around the world. But the Koreans combine that training with a heavy dose of "I die, you die!" and in the case of the Korean special ops, it is mostly "you die." Just ask the NVA.

So instead of sending a bunch of camp hold-ups who were going to need American and Iraqi army protection, the Koreans will now most likely send some of the finest foot soldiers in the world to protect their own zone, which will free more American and Iraqi soldiers to hunt down the Baathist[s].

Nice move, stupid.

Whatever you may think about the current limp-wristed government in South Korea, remember this: Don't FUCK with Korean special forces.


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