Friday, December 26, 2003

and the good news is...

I'm very likely to be sending my Mac to Korea. My brother got me an upgrade from the dinosaur OS 8.6 to the newest OSX, version 10.3. Unfortunately, it's going to mean performing some crucial updates, but that's par for the course. If I can get to Korea, secure a DSL hookup from my residence, and blog from home instead of coughing my life away in those smoky PC-bahng, that will be shweet.

Hope you've been enjoying your Christmas; we had a great one here. Even the cat was living large, dining on people-food.

Blogging will remain sporadic over the weekend, as you might imagine. Maybe I'll throw up a filthy poem or a nasty cartoon in the next few days, but I felt I had to write something a bit more serious for Christmas. I'm sure you understand.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Air Marshal's very insightful review of "Return of the King," posted below. I hope to see it soon myself.


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