Thursday, December 11, 2003

the flu turns your dick orange

My brother Sean and I went out to Mount Vernon Hospital to get our flu shots, but got turned away. In place of a shot, we got a MEDIA ADVISORY:

Inova Health system Cancels Public and Family Flu Clinics for December 8-14

Falls Church, VA-- Due to a limited supply of flu vaccine, Inova Health System has cancelled its public "Fight the Flu" clinics scheduled for the week of December 8-14.

Despite the fact that Inova purchased 75,000 doses of flu vaccine this year, recent concerns about the severity of the flu season have brought as many as six times the regular number of people to the scheduled clinics. While Inova has not run out of the vaccine, there are several contractual commitments that must be met. Inova is working hard to locate more vaccine and to assess the best way to utilize the remaining supply.

On Friday, Dec. 12, after 5PM, information about future public clinics will be available on the Fight the Flu hotline at 1-877-895-5-BUG (5284), as well as on Inova's Web site,

So much is hidden behind those three sinister words, "several contractual commitments."

In the meantime, I don't particularly care-- if the vaccine's being redistributed so that our old folks don't die off like the French seniors did this summer, tant mieux.

Oh, yeah... speaking of France, and our other good friends-- Germany and Russia: They're pissed, along with a few other nations, for having been banned from bidding on contracts for Iraqi reconstruction projects. Canada's threatening to withhold aid to Iraq; Russia's threatening to get mean about Iraqi debt; France is whining about the legality of the US decision; Germany's saying "we were shocked by the announcement and will have to talk with the Americans." Amazing that Russia's and Canada's response to the US move is to threaten further harm to Iraq. Well, OK-- Russia's not so surprising, but Canada's just feeling its Frenchness.

In the meantime... heh.


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