Friday, December 12, 2003

musical genius

My brother Sean, who will be performing as part of a cello duet on Sunday evening at the Washington Korean Women's Society Christmas Party, just sat down at the family's piano and pounded out a hilarious impromptu: a horrific, mutant stitching together of the humble Korean folk tune "Arirang" with Strauss's ponderous "Also Sprach Zarathustra." I was howling. Sean finished the piece and loudly declared himself a musical genius. I'm currently trying to convince Sean and David to lend their various talents to an audio CD, featuring the three of us, that we can sell through CafePress/CafeShops. I want original compositions from Sean, duets featuring Sean's cello and David's violin, and scatological foley (think: farts and other raspberries) sprinkled throughout.

Would you buy such a CD? If you're an easy-listening wimp, probably not. Imagine a lot of belching and strings and piano and screaming and farting and plopping noises. Might make a nice stocking-stuffer, if you're not an auditory wuss. Think about it.


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