Monday, December 29, 2003

something you don't see every day

Satan's Anus gets its, uh, anus thoroughly kicked by Dan Darling on the matter of religion-- specifically, Reynolds's characterization of the Church's "position" vis-à-vis Palestine.

Darling's last paragraph says this:

One caveat, however: I want to stress that I don't have anything against Reynolds (or Sullivan, for that matter) on this one. They're both good bloggers and I read them on a semi-regular basis. Unfortunately, in large part because of their backgrounds and worldviews, they tend to get more than a little off-base when it comes to the topic of religion (this is an unfortunate drawback that a number of secular bloggers tend to have, in my opinion, they aren't religious themselves and don't generally know people who are, so they don't understand how religious people think and in many cases what they actually believe) whether it be Christianity or Islam. So if my words seem a little bit harsh here, I just want to stress that I'm attacking the position, not the person.


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