Saturday, December 20, 2003

oh, the early ones were the lucky ones

My parents now have their own PayPal account, so the PayPal button you see will now route your payments to them-- NO MORE HOMINID MIDDLE MAN!

One thing to note: you folks who ordered cakes before today were lucky, lucky, lucky. We discovered that shipping costs were actually around $6.50, so that's what shipping is now, instead of the original $4. We know you won't mind; some catalogs offer not-as-bombtits cakes for shamelessly high prices, like, say, $50 or more.

So hit that button and BUY SOME DAMN CAKE.

UPDATE: Apparently, a harsh tone works. Two more cakes ordered (thank you, thank you, thank you). A quick correction: when I set up the PayPal button for the parents, we switched from percentage shipping charges to flat-rate. So guess what? Buying two cakes, because it's within the $10-50 range, means you still pay only $6.50-- total-- for shipping. So two cakes, as it turns out, are a better deal than one.


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