Tuesday, December 09, 2003

behold my sidebar, ye mighty, and DROOL

My mother's a talented cook. Always has been. Name your food, Korean or American, and she can cook it-- often without a recipe. One of the things she's been famous for is her amazing rum cake, which is NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION.

Trust me on this. You've never had a rum cake quite like this one. Dad's been working overtime with my brother David to get some kind of online shop set up, but in the meantime, word of mouth around the office has kept Mom and Dad very busy with their little Rums Fantastic business. Dad's looking to expand business, though, and I thought I'd help out by plugging Mom's cake on the blog. If I'm getting about 100 unique visitors, then surely SOME of these folks, even if they were searching for "hairy" whatever, are hungry enough to stop and order a CAKE.

The cake's $20 plus shipping, and although I'm using one of my own PayPal buttons to let you purchase it, all cake proceeds are going to the parents. If you're in the US, we'll ship to you, no problem. Outside the US might be tricky.

So check my sidebar. Stare at the cake pic. Salivate. Find that PayPal button.

Then buy a rum cake.

Buy a few. You've got friends, and they all have sweet teeth.

Chocolate's also available, but we're not selling that online just yet.

Expect about 5-7 days for delivery.

[NB to the nut-allergic: I don't know if almonds affect you, but the outer layer of the cake is coated with almonds.]


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