Saturday, December 27, 2003

and the BAD news is...

It appears we have a "mad commenter" out there who's intent on posting large snatches of text from my blog into other people's comment sections (with thanks to C for the heads-up). The Marmot's already been hit with a ton of my junk; other Koreabloggers take note. I don't know if you can clean this up by shutting down comments for a while or banning my name (be careful: some posts show no name, so you might have to ban "blank" as well), but you may need to take steps to clean your comment threads out. I certainly don't go around posting my own blog into people's comments, and while I'm not exactly concerned about my "good name," seeing as I'm pretty low on the blogosphere food chain, I agree this is an annoyance for all who've been hit, and am sorry that it's MY material polluting your blogs.

I suspect this is the work of the intrepid "lux bearer," who loves the flame war and has decided to imitate Emeril and kick things up a notch. Maybe it's not lux, but no one else has appeared quite as sexually frustrated.

Good luck with cleanup, ladies and gents.


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