Saturday, December 20, 2003

Cerebral Bypass makes the blogroll!

A good friend of mine, posting under the name "Carpemundi," has started up a blog called Cerebral Bypass, which I hope you'll take a gander at. The blog's angle is curiosity, and anything is fair game for speculation, observation, meditation, cogitation, and even regurgitation.

Got an opinion about fat women?

Some thoughts on what the capture of Saddam means.

Doing art: "And now I'm going to tell you something really cool."

Geek-out time: a comic book series called Terra Obscura.

A very, very left-leaning commentary on the Iraq war by a guest poster, ForensicHorologist. I can image certain conservatives (who shall remain unnamed) being motivated to respond to this one...

And finally, a note that Hanukkah (or Hanuka, or Chanuka... Jesus, it's like trying to romanize Korean words) begins today, at sunset. L'Chaim!

Go thou and read.


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