Tuesday, July 26, 2005

100 Below: Volume 9

Mungley the Chimp held the rabbit over the water’s roiling surface. Something long, lean, and angry was whipping the water into froth.

“Talk,” Mungley said to Butch, “or Toby meets Shaskaa the Sea Dragon.”

Butch the Squirrel quaked but said nothing.

“Fine,” Mungley shrugged, and dropped Toby into the tank.

The dragon was quick. Toby the Rabbit exploded into pink foam. Shaskaa apparently thought Toby was just the appetizer: it leaped out of the water and seized a surprised Mungley in a tangle of fangs and muscular coils.

Screams. More foam.

Butch bolted. The dragon leaped again.

Screams. More foam.


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