Saturday, July 30, 2005

its kung fu is good

The new SAT's "Writing" section contains grammar questions that will definitely catch the unwary, as I discovered today while taking a few online SAT-format grammar quizzes. That was embarrassing. Luckily, I was alone: no one witnessed my debasement.

I recently acquired a new tutoring gig (Jabba's gotta eat); today, my student and I covered the essay-writing section and worked briefly on grammar. Tomorrow, we're concentrating almost totally on grammar and reading, with only a little time devoted to writing.

Word of advice: online aids vary in quality. One quiz I took contained several grammatical errors.

Gotta go buy another SAT book this evening. The kid's got his own texts (Barron's and Princeton Review), but he's been through most of their contents already; I see little use in going over material he already knows.


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