Wednesday, July 20, 2005

tired as hell

Would like to say more. Not now. Running on three hours' sleep... been going since 6:30 to now, and it's not over.

I decided to institute my one-on-one classes again-- this time on Fridays only, since that's my free day. Good Lord, a lot of people have signed up! I decided to do a block from 10AM to 4PM, excepting an hour for lunch, and most of the slots for this coming Friday are already filled. Holy shit.

More to say later, maybe. Might have to sleep first.

Lemme leave you with this thought: studies from way back in the 1970s showed that animals will forgo food to activate a contact that electrically stimulates the pleasure center of the brain-- i.e., the wiring produces classically addictive behavior. In a similar vein, sci-fi writer Larry Niven developed an alien weapon called a "tasp," which rendered an enemy nonfunctional by putting them in a state of extreme pleasure. Why not do something like this for us fat people? Design a machine that produces the tasp effect only when the modified person is exercising at a certain minimum level for a certain minimum amount of time. Sure, it produces an addicted "wirehead," as Niven called such people, but those folks-- we-- will have been duped into what is, effectively, exercise addiction.


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