Friday, July 22, 2005

12 out of 15 slots filled

...and not a reference to the joy of "sloppy seconds," either!

My first Friday of one-on-one teaching this semester went pretty well. On my signup sheet, I had fifteen blank slots to fill (15-minute sessions, not 20 minutes this time, going from 10AM to 4PM), and thirteen of them were filled today. One student forgot to show up, but the other twelve were there. One thoughtful student even brought me lunch-- an unexpected pleasure.

Last semester, when I was doing the one-on-one thing, I was asking students to sit for 20 minutes and wasn't budgeting any breaks into my schedule. This time around I reduced the session time to 15 minutes and allowed myself a 5-minute break between students. Turns out that that makes all the difference in the world. I also scheduled in a lunch break, which definitely helped.

Plenty to do the rest of today. Haircut (badly needed), a CD to buy, some fashion magazines to buy for my Topical Issues class (arg), and a mountain to climb. I've been remiss all week.


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