Friday, July 01, 2005

bend over and kiss yo' ass good-bye

All things end.

This is my final weekend of vacation. I'm now looking at a mountain of work for the next two months: unholy amounts of class prep. My daily schedule looks to be the following:

7:40-8:50AM, Topical Issues in Conversation
9:30-10:40AM, CORE 2 (Conversation)
10:50A-12:00P, CORE 2 (Conversation)
1:10-2:35PM, Level 2 Intensive Conversation
2:45-4:10PM, ??????
4:20-5:50PM, Drama (Wednesdays only)

I don't know classroom numbers yet. I don't know what the 2:45 class will be, though I'm guessing it'll be a Level 1 Intensive Conversation class. The first day of term promises to be a madhouse, since we're supposed to be doing a bunch of activities with the Intensive Program students while they wait around for their individual level tests.

The good news in all this is that Fridays will be free: the summer program runs only Monday through Thursday, so I'll have eight weeks of three-day weekends. Thank God for small favors.

Drama promises to be interesting. I'm not really sure how we'll be able to do six 90-minute rehearsals and expect a decent play to arise from that. At a guess, we'll be putting in extra time... probably on Friday or on the weekend.

The upshot for this blog and my other blog is that posting will likely be a bit reduced. Yeah, I know: Promises, promises.


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