Tuesday, July 19, 2005

how 'bout some bitch with your nonexistent chicken, asshole?

As it turned out, the chicken didn't arrive in time. I waited a good 45 minutes before I cancelled the damn order. With only ten minutes to spare before class, there was little reason to risk waiting longer.

Fuck you, don-ggaseu jip!

Then, to top it off, a girl in my 1:10PM low-level intensive class decided to be a bitch about being "fined" for speaking Korean in class. (It was decided that, for the intensive courses, we'd all be given cute little cans to collect fines for various infractions: speaking Korean, allowing the cell phone to ring, coming late to class, being unprepared, etc. The money is to be used to fund our end-of-term party.)

Most students pay the fine with a groan and a look of resignation, but this girl simply said "no" when I told her to pay up. So I put on my patented Wrathful Buddha expression (see below) and she paid, grumbling. The incident was a vivid reminder of what it was like to teach high school French in America.

Kept my temper in class. As far as everyone else was concerned, nothing was out of place. But I'm on a short fuse now, and the last thing I want to do is scare the rest of the class with a nasty outburst, such as what I used to do with my high school students. If this girl tries the same shit again, I'm going to take her aside and tell her she can shape up or get the fuck out of my class, no refund from the office. If that prompts her to leave in a princessy huff, so be it. I won't shed a tear for that kind of student, especially not when everyone else is making an effort.

Still want chicken. To eat, not to hump.


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