Tuesday, July 05, 2005

holy SHIT

I told you previously that we had around 70 students (maybe more) sign up for the intensive courses. Yesterday, as the students took their level placement interviews, the office didn't register anyone for my drama class. It was my understanding that today was the day to enroll in drama (we have our first session tomorrow). So this afternoon, out of monkey curiosity, I asked the office staffers how many people had signed up.

Get this: thirty-five.

And that's not counting another class or two in which students haven't yet been asked. I could have around 40 or so students!

The mind boggles. Our class is supposed to perform during the small "graduation" ceremony to be held at the end of the term. While I'm ecstatic at the sheer size of the enrollment, I can't help wondering how the hell this is supposed to work, with nearly half the graduating class up on stage instead of being in the audience!

It's a pleasant dilemma, though, I have to admit. Gives me a real sense that I'm responsible for the success or failure of this show. Goddamn, man. Goddamn.

The downer is that tonight might be another sleepless night: I've got to find an extra play or two to involve the students. I thought I was getting maybe ten enrollees. In case I haven't made myself clear, I'm one happy camper.


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