Saturday, July 09, 2005

straight to the source!

Fact: boobs will drive up site traffic. I woke up late this fine Saturday morning, flipped on the Mac, got online, and took a look at my SiteMeter, which has been giving depressed readings for the last few weeks as people go on vacation (or tear their hair out because I'm writing about drama class again). I don't usually have 200 unique hits by noon, but I do today.

Last night's boob post brought the masses back and assured me that my readership is largely male.

My buddy Tam Gu Ja wrote in to inform me that yesterday's floppy image comes from a happy cyber-collection of bouncy mammaries. I now present to you:!

Some of those images are nice, but some are just lame. The folks who hijacked Supershadow's site chose well. They might be t33n g33ks, but they know their boobies.

You can thank Tam Gu Ja for the site info. Visit his blog, Meliorare, for cool images and insights spanning the known universe. He's a damn smart guy, he works in an interesting field, and he's got a pic of the world's strangest... uh... bicycle (or is it octocycle?) on his blog right now. Meliorare appears on my sidebar.


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