Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth & Happy Liberation to Dad!

Happy July 4th to my fellow Amurricans! Enjoy the day, watch out for sunburn, don't get too drunk, and make sure you're grilling hot dogs and not somebody's body part.

Special note to my dad (and FYI to my readers): HAPPY RETIREMENT!!

My Dad finished a long and distinguished career in a difficult industry: the airlines. He's been "unemployed," as he says, since the end of June.

Enjoy your freedom, Dad: take long naps, be lazy for a few weeks (except for mowing the lawn and dealing with the poison ivy), and then get going on all those plans you've talked about!

See you & Mom in October.

[NB: Watch this space for some foodblogging by my buddy Dr. Steve. He sent me pics.]

UPDATE: Oh, yeah-- lest I forget: My blog is now officially two years old.


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