Tuesday, July 05, 2005

she just... doesn't... understand

One of my morning students has a cute little green tote bag. It's covered with white-ink lettering and cartoon art. As I walked by her bag during one of my routine in-class patrols*, I looked more closely at it and saw it was covered with filthy graffiti. My student apparently had no clue.

One of the softer examples: a graffito that read, "Down with panties! Up with miniskirts!"

Another ink splotch raved about bondage and included a silhouette of handcuffs. You get the idea. I started howling during the lesson as I read more and more of her tote bag. Finally the student was compelled to ask, "What's bondage?"

*You know how Darth Vader prowls his Star Destroyer, making sure everyone is working? That's how I prowl in my class: hands clasped behind my back; huge, flowing black cape accentuating my aura of evil. Well... truth be told, I have no cape, but my drooping ass fat does a good cape impression as it's dragged across the floor tiles.


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