Saturday, July 02, 2005

wUt i Aeyt toNigT

The problem with flied lice is that it looks like a simple dish, but takes a lot of work to put together. It's all in the dicing, slicing, and mincing.

Tonight's flied lice features carrot, squash, three kinds of bell pepper (red, yellow, green), round onion, green onion, two kinds of mushroom, scrambled eggs, dashida powder, sugar, black pepper, corn oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, and of course-- rice. In this case, rice with barley. I thought about buying some spam to stick in there, but spam is ass-expensive here. Imagine paying $3 (US) for what is essentially a half-sized can of spam. That, my friend, is nuts.

Accompanying tonight's fare is a fat bowl of kimchi. Good thing, too: the rice turned out fine, except it was too greasy. The kimchi nicely compensated for that. I'll add more plain rice and egg later to spread the grease around.

You might have noticed a few special features adorning this evening's table setting. Over to the left, we have a beautiful blue can of bug spray, which doesn't work very well against the invading critters. It's sitting on a pocket French dictionary (Harrap, not Robert-Collins).

Under the monitor is a drawing I did of an ace bandage. I used this drawing the other day to obtain said ace bandage from the local yak-guk (pharmacy). That's my style: when I don't know a word, I'd rather draw it than look it up in a dictionary. Even after all these years, I still haven't bought myself an electronic dictionary. I'm sure that'd make my life easier and I'd need to draw fewer things, but habits are hard to break, as Pete Cetera knows only too well.

My artistic efforts were rewarded with a compliment from the yak-guk lady: "Jal geuri-shyeot-naeyo!" You drew that well!


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