Wednesday, July 20, 2005

postal scrotum: play misty for me

My little brother David recounts this amusing incident from just the other night. A bit of background: David has an office job, but he's also bartending and barbacking at a club called Polly Esther's in DC.

Enjoy David's idiosyncratic spelling.

Yeahh baby

Have awlsome story - happened on sat nite while I wuz bartending at Pollys...

Worked a private party, lots of people, this couple talked tew me and said I wuz a good bartender, so patient, etc etc so they stayed around, even when most of the crowd around my bar left... Could also be cuz I wuz hooking them up with free shots - they were good tippers.

BUT I wuz having a problem that nite, every shot I drank I would always cough - strange. So it wuz an awlsome moment when they were complimenting me again, and I gave them both a shot (plus I had one), we drank eht together and as I was swallowing mine, I started coughing.

I tried not to cough the shot back out, so I held my mouth tight and tried to keep on smiling, thinking I'd wait out the cough and swallow the shot then. But no, a cough came out and the shot sprayed out of my tight-lipped mouth in an ultra-fine mist right at their faces. I think (hope) they were too drunk to notice, but I blurted out a "sorry" and walked to the other side of the bar, trying not to laugh too hard. They didn't compliment me again that night. Actually, they left a few minutes after their "misting."



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