Sunday, July 17, 2005

postal scrotum: women and body temperature

With regard to my previous spiel on women liking it hot, Andrew R writes:

Hi Kevin,

You said, "There's another angle: I'm increasingly convinced that women in general-- and not just Korean women-- prefer a room to be slightly warmer than what men find comfortable."

Just to add ethnicity to the angle: Asian women (Japanese, at least) REALLY ARE cold all the time. Keep in mind this quasi-fact: the average body temperature for Americans is 98.6ºF - and for the Japanese women I polled it was 96.8ºF. I'm not sure what the average is for Korean women, but I assume it's the same.

Also, since most asians deal with summers of 105ºF and 99.999% humidity, maybe they really are used to the heat.


A biological wrinkle!

I think I blogged about this once a long time ago, but at the risk of senescent repetitiveness I'll mention it now: back when I was working at my infection control job in DC, one of my co-workers was a cute blonde chick. Let's call her "A." My work occasionally took me over to her cubicle, and on several occasions A would get up and invite me to take her seat while she went off to do other errands.

Good Lord, her seat was hot! I thought my crotch radiated a lot of heat, but A's crotch was intense. Holy shit. Maybe women, as per their recessed "holy of holies," like a warm, womb-like ambience. Maybe men, in accordance with their protuberant genitalia, prefer cooler environments.

Anyone else got theories? Keep 'em coming!

Ha-- coming! I slay me.


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