Tuesday, July 26, 2005

le parcours

Joel has been learning new Japanese vocab (scroll down).

So have I, thanks to Adam.

Justin links to a truly fucked-up video. (Video might take a while to load.)

Rat-killing by proxy, courtesy of Jelly.

Rory soon to make a big mistake.

Jeff's vomitous day. With wasps. A single paragraph reminds me of Nabokov's observation that "our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness." Rage, Jeff! Rage against the dying of the light!

I'm a bit slow in linking this, but the Pooper displays a pic of the sexiest eleven-year-old you'll ever see. I have to agree with the commenters that... well... something just ain't right about photographing a girl that young in that way. (pic is work-safe, but may disturb you)

The Nomad links to an interesting post by his buddy Gar re: the six-way talks.

Daehee has Nepal updates here and here. He's back in Korea for a month.

Max with some interesting posts on oral hygiene and vegetarians.

Stuck in a volcano? Why, go get your mom, of course!

The dog that laid land mines and struck a blow in the drug war.

Zen Mama Lorianne photographs ghosts.

Dr. Vallicella with an interesting post on impermanence and self-reference.


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