Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ave, Sperwer!

My friend, the Buddhist badass Sperwer, has made a name for himself as a roving commenter in the Koreablogosphere, able to tackle subjects ranging from Buddhism to gastronomie to law to history to politics.

Keep in mind that this is the guy who gave me-- gave me-- a couple spare disposable contact lenses to help me out when I lost my own lens to an untimely fingernail-ripping. People familiar with Sperwer's comments on other blogs know that he can be... uh, blunt. But as the contact lens gesture shows, it is possible for sentient beings to incarnate that rarest of virtues, caustic compassion.

And now, to everyone's horror, He Has a Blog. This may be a bit like giving Charles Manson a shotgun and a saddlebag full of shells, but it's too late-- the nuclear genie's out of the bottle, as they're saying these days.

Check out Sperwer's Log here, and expect great things.


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