Friday, January 06, 2006

thanks, SH!

A longtime online buddy of mine, SH, pointed me to the hilarious Dinosaur Comics, a strip involving three dinosaurs: a hulking green T. Rex, a slender and feminine Dromiceiomimus, and a light-brown Utahraptor. The Utahraptor repeatedly claims it has had a homosexual affair with the T. Rex; the T. Rex can't seem to remember this affair, though several episodes have been devoted to his flirtation with the Utahraptor.

The comic's gimmick is this: the artwork of each episode almost never changes-- only the dialogue does. How long can you pull off such a stunt and keep things interesting? The artist, Ryan North, seems to have done it since 2003.

I'm sticking the link to this comic under my sidebar. It now supplants Sluggy, a comic that has become less and less interesting of late, thanks to a large number of useless subplots with boring characters.


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Anonymous said...

NOthing like two dinosaurs debating the correct use of "begging the question."