Saturday, January 21, 2006

enuf's enuf

OK, mucus. You win. I'll visit a clinic on Monday.

Prediction of diagnosis: either walking pneumonia or bronchitis. Can't imagine any other reason why the crap would be lingering on this long.

Lungs: you suck and you're fired.



Anonymous said...

I've had similar problems, Kevin: a bad cough and a bad cold. Usually, every winter I get a cough that lingers for a few weeks. At night, it gets really bad. This winter, it's come around twice.

My wife took me to a local "hospital" in Hongdae three days in a row where a doctor shoved some metal instruments up my nose and caused me a good deal of discomfort for about two minutes. Then we bought some cheap medication. I feel much better, but the cough still attacks suddenly.

I really hate a simultaneously plugged and runny nose, with accompanying watery eyes! Even the cough is better than that.

By the way, have you ever had fantasies about cutting off your nose, as I have about mine? ;0)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add: get well soon!

Maven said...

Kevin, lemme know if you need me to send you some Mucinex... that stuff ROCKS, and ROCKS HARD!!!