Saturday, January 07, 2006

(prooouuuuuuut) ça sent bon!

I made a resolution that there'd be more foodblogging. This weekend, I'm sick as a dog with whatever my coworkers and students gave me (sore throat, stuffy nose, husky radio voice), but sometime soon, I'm hoping to do two things for your entertainment:

1. Nigella-style chocolate mousse, and

2. fondue moitié-moitié

The mousse comes from an intriguing recipe on foodMILF Nigella Lawson's website. The reason I'm eager to try making it is that it has no eggs. Sacrilege! To arrive at the correct texture, Nigella uses, of all things, marshmallows. Sounds like she's from the po' part of town, but Nigella's charm lies in her ability to use common items to create uncommon delights.

The second item on the above list is... well, come on-- it's winter, and cheese fondue is the quintessential winter food. In order to do it right, I'm thinking of buying a stand-alone gas range. I've already got a kickass saucepan.

So expect to see these items on the blog sometime in the next couple weeks.


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