Monday, January 02, 2006

busy as shit

Hectic first day back, and it ain't over. Just about everything we'd "settled," as a faculty, before the December break has been tossed out the window, so I'm madly planning lessons. At least we're still keeping the 4-day week, which makes me happy, but the Mon-Thu gauntlet promises to be horrible. My hours are from 10AM to 3:40PM. Not as bad as some teachers' hours, but mind you, I'm teaching that time span with only a one-hour break, and most of my day is to be spent with-- gag-- the Freshmen English classes. As noted a while ago, these students are actually high school seniors about to enter Smoo. They bring along all the immaturity you'd expect of high schoolers. Not looking forward to this.

In the midst of this Sturm und Drang, it was reassuring to have a kick-ass dinner at the local fusion restaurant, which served up a mean crispy chicken and cashew dish for W10,000. It easily competes with the best General Tso's Chicken in the States (not implying that General Tso's Chicken is haute cuisine or anything).

More later. Too fuckin' busy at the moment.


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