Saturday, January 14, 2006

three things

First: A lot of people are talking about Canadian Mark Steyn's essay "It's the Demography, Stupid," which laments the decline of Western civilization. It's worth commenting on, and I hope to do so at length tomorrow. No time today.

Second: If there's anyone out there who knows where I might find the sheet music for Ahn Ik Tae's Korea(n) Fantasy, please email me. My father is looking for this on behalf of a northern Virginia orchestra; he sent the request to me. I wanted to hit Smoo College of Music yesterday, but didn't have the time. Today, the College is closed, and unfortunately, so is our campus library, which rarely seems to be open when I need something from it.

Third: All praise to ME!! Today marks the first time I've ordered pizza from the office (yes, I'm at the office). The Korean pizzeria called Mister Pizza has a central dispatcher number, just like pizza joints in the States. They relay your order to the local branch. What made today's order a bit complicated was that, when I gave them my phone number, they read my address info back to me... and it was my dorm. But I was at the office, not my dorm, so I had to correct their info, just for today. Proud to say that I did so with a minimum of fuss. The lady on the other end was forgiving of my many mistakes and moments of hesitation. It's one thing to develop a routine for ordering food from the local Korean and Chinese joints; quite another for a creature of habit like me to order in a completely new fashion. There's hope for this geezer yet. Those of you who speak Korean fluently might not think this is a big deal, but it's something of a red-letter day for me.


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