Thursday, January 26, 2006

something of a success

Bazaar in 7 Days!

Despite no sense of smell or taste, I was somehow able to make my pita appetizer, quasi-Mediterranean salad, and fettuccine alfredo without a problem. This group of students didn't include any moaners like last time, but reviews of the food were generally good. I made the alfredo in class-- cooking the pasta and making the sauce right there for all to watch. As before, the shrimp was the first thing to disappear. Because this is Korea, people here aren't shy about garlic, so I went ahead and dumped a mess of garlic into the shrimp mix. Some students stuffed themselves well before dessert. For the record, one student felt the alfredo sauce needed salt-- something I've never heard of adding.

The salad-making, appetizer assembly, and shrimp-cooking took me until almost 4AM. I am, as the Brits say, knackered... but the day isn't over yet. Test ratings and personal stuff yet to be done.

Hasta mas tarde, pendejo.

(Oh, yes-- students took pics with their cell phones. I've demanded that they email some of those pics to me. Expect them to appear on the blog at some point.)


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