Sunday, January 08, 2006

postal scrotum: cooling your mousse properly

A good suggestion came in the mail for avoiding the pitfalls of sweaty glasses:

Quick suggestion for cooling your next batch of super rich egg-less mousse...

Allow the mousse to cool for a few minutes - basically till it stops steaming. Then put the plastic wrap directly on the surface of the mousse and run it up the interior sides of the glass and over the rim. Then put the mousse into the fridge.

By putting the plastic wrap on directly on the surface of the mousse you prevent steam from escaping into the air. That steam causes nasty condensation inside the cup/glass. Which then runs down onto your mousse and makes it yucky... Additionally, by putting the wrap on the surface of the mousse, you will prevent that nasty rubbery film layer from forming on the top of the mousse. And lastly, by keeping that moisture in the mousse you might actually improve your chances of getting the bubbles that you were looking for.

Of course, you can always add bubbles to your mousse by resting the cooling cups on a woman's back as you sodomize her.


I love blogging.


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