Thursday, January 19, 2006

kumfert fud

The Nigella-mousse you didn't eat the other day:

The fondue moitié-moitié you didn't have this afternoon and evening:

I made cheese fondue for my coworkers today. The fondue itself was a success (the photos above show what happened to the remaining cheese later in the day), but the event probably could have gone better. One teacher was absent from the proceedings; two others had a lunch engagement and therefore couldn't stay long; one was too sick to appreciate the meal properly; one turned her nose up at the fondue; only one truly enjoyed herself. Your Humble Narrator, being sick as well, could barely taste his own creation, forcing him to rely on the opinions of others regarding the fondue's merits. The ones who tried the fondue gave it a thumbs-up; even the teachers who had to hurry off to lunch engagements hung back to drag some bread through the goop. They made the polite noises of approval; one of them joked, "This is so 70s!"

Baguettes were courtesy the local Paris Baguette, a popular Korean bakery chain. The one teacher who fully enjoyed the experience also brought wine. Too bad I don't drink.

The evening batch of fondue turned out fairly well, and I could taste a bit more of it than I could earlier in the day. I still have a ton of cheese left; will probably melt it down and pour it over some pasta tomorrow or the next day.

My Intensive 2 students, aware that I was cooking for my coworkers today, expressed envy and made long feces-- uh, faces. Because of their heart-melting puppydog stares, we're going to have a "cook-in" next Thursday, similar to (but twice the size of) what I did for my students last semester. They've promised to reimburse me, at least in part, for the ingredients.

So here I sit, stomach replete, typing this post, once again skipping out on the opportunity to see "King Kong." I have a feeling that this week is the final week of its run, but if I have the chance to see it next week, I will.



Anonymous said...

Feeling ill again? You seem to be having a run of bad luck lately. Hope you're feeling better by tomorrow.

Jelly said...

Mmmmmmmm cheese!
When are you going to get yourself to a doctor for a lovely ass-injection? I hope you don't have a version of what I had which forced me to postpone my trip to Japan. It's just over 3 weeks later and I've finally started feeling genuinely better. Coughing through the night is brutal - you mentioned that in a previous post. Are you still doing that?
I think I'm going to have a cooking lesson with the winter intensive courses next week. We usually just make sandwiches, but I'm thinking I might try crepes.

Jelly said...

Your word verification just made me type a word very very similar to "blowjob."