Wednesday, January 18, 2006

postal scrotum: more about Steyn

Andrew R. (now in Korea!) writes:

Regarding your Steyn essay, here are some thoughts:

1) I personally agree with Steyn's larger point, although a few details are arguable. But his overall picture is pretty accurate. Sure, some of the dates for bad things to happen (you mention "2010," might be off), but not to the degree that I found it distracting. If anything, I hope his dates are all too early...

2) The West gave up reproducing because kids became too expensive. Not just in financial cost, but opportunity cost. A comfortable life can be had without having kids. And in fact, they get in the way of the comfort.

Besides (as the argument goes) it's not like urban folks need someone to manage the farm. So urban folks today have a pressing argument to *not* have kids. I'm not saying it's valid or not, but that's part of the argument.

3) Birth-control. Like it or not, the year 2006 has the West with a lot of promiscuous people. And a guy no longer needs to give a girl a ring to get some action. With the male animal slightly un-tamed sexually, there's little reason for society's higher civilities to come into play. If a man is only about getting a high tail-count, there is no pride to be had in raising worthwhile children.

In fact, the girls run counter to their own best interests by giving it away. For example, if the girl you wanna bang on the 3rd (or 2nd, or 1st) date won't give it up - move on. And most guys are just after new tail anyway. For most men, the domestic lifestyle has to be slowly learned.

4) "Socialism is inevitable." While not a good thing, it is a true thing. The US is moving towards its version of nanny-government ever faster. And if the gov't will take care of you (as the gov't says) kids really are optional. I mean, Social Security will provide for citizens in their old age (or so the gov't says).

The culture of Socialism has overtaken a large amount popular American Government - and due to enough time, American Culture itself. Boston, Mass., home of the American Revolution, has some pretty disturbing nanny-laws in its own right. Details aside, the Founding Fathers would be spinning in their graves.

5) If I haven't done this already, I suggest owning The 4th Turning by Strauss and Howe. My copy is on loan in the states, otherwise I'd send it your way. It outlines rather well (with great research) Western History and why each 4th Generation was inclined to commit/suffer-through acts of social upheaval.

On a side note, the book is an excellent example of a well-researched non-fiction book that is very interesting. The topic is a bit dry, but someone with any bent towards watching the History Channel will really get into it. And it's a surprisingly fast read. (ISBN 0767900464)


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