Thursday, January 19, 2006


Bazaar in 14 Days!

Our Intensive English classes will once again be hosting a bazaar. This time, it'll be from 10AM to 1PM on February 2, which Americans fondly call Groundhog Day. The location is Smoo's Social Education Building, probably on the first floor, like last time. Events will be about the same as before: people will be selling food and services and used items; my own class will be selling an easy-to-make snack called bbop-gi, which I've never tried before. I'll be doing the bad brush art again, though I won't be selling that shrimp-and-crackers thingamajig. We'll also be doing a silent auction. That ought to be interesting.

Once again, my Aussie colleague trumps everyone with his creativity. Against all odds, he's planning on hosting a "mini disco"-- essentially an itty-bitty closed-in box into which four or five people can go and dance for five-minute intervals. It'll include lights and a disco globe. I think it's a nifty idea, but I have no idea how the Koreans are going to react to it. One teacher pointed out that the mini disco will be happening at the wrong time-- 10AM-- when no one's feeling very disco-ish. "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" I say.

You are, of course, invited. I'll be the fat dude in the corner, wheezing over a piece of paper, trying to draw a horse or something. My Aussie colleague is likely to be inside the mini disco, sweatin' away. My other colleagues will be around, selling food and drinks and used items.

All my posts from here on in will feature some sort of reminder about the bazaar. Come one, come all! Just don't come on me.


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