Sunday, January 08, 2006

et maintenant, la conclusion!

"How was the mousse?" you ask. This post answers that question.

I made four cups of the stuff, but took only one out for the taste test.

The glass is a bit sweaty, but the mousse looks good.

I tipped the glass on its side to see what the mousse would do. Like the real thing, Nigella's fausse-mousse stayed in the glass.

Since I'd made whipped cream, I decided to stick that puppy on the mousse:

And then it was time. Not wanting to stand on ceremony, I dug in:

And the result? (scroll down)

The mousse was fantastic!

The consistency wasn't quite right, but what do you expect when you're not using eggs? I was hoping against hope that the mousse, when cut into by the spoon, would prove to have something of a "bubbly" interior the way real mousse au chocolat does. Maybe that was too much to expect after having cooked the shit out of those marshmallows. They didn't bounce back and become puffy again during the three-hour chilling process.

But Nigella's mousse made up for any problems by being rich as hell. Even for me, that single cup was a bit too much. I'd recommend serving the mousse in even smaller portions. That, or eating the mousse with a raspberry sorbet or something to give it balance. Still, the taste of that first bite is an awe-inspiring experience. My armpit hairs stood at attention, and off in the distance, a thousand squirrels came out of hibernation, farted a cannonade in my honor, then retreated to their hideaways.

Try Nigella's recipe if you dare. It's definitely worth the effort, and will certainly please chocolate lovers. Despite my best efforts to screw the recipe up, it turned out quite well.

Nigella, honey... tonight, I please you orally.


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