Sunday, January 08, 2006

mousse: day 2

Onward to the second cup of mousse!

A few interesting things to note about the above photo:

1. The template my buddy Tam Gu Ja (and his wife) put together is visible on the monitor above. Note the pink Hello Kitty background, which depicts Hello Kitty in both Demure and Compromising Positions. Note also the pink blog post title.

2. Shit, the monitor and lamp are dusty as hell!

3. The mousse, having sat all night in the fridge, isn't plagued with sweat anymore. Very strangie.

4. There's something surreal about blogging an image of a blog post with images.

5. The coffee mug, left, has a logo of my previous place of employment: EC. Hey, guys! I've got a string of eight 3-day weekends! Ooooooh, I'm a bastard.

Moussically speaking, the mousse was just as good on the second day. The consistency is about the same, maybe a wee bit firmer since the mousse had all night to chill. The top layer of this cup of mousse had some bubble action going on, but it was only the top layer, not the whole thing through and through. Next time, I'll take my friend's advice and fit the plastic wrap directly on the mousse... though I do worry about what'll happen the moment I try to remove the plastic.

In all: yum. As I said before, this dessert is definitely worth making for guests. And the "no eggs" approach means no salmonella to worry about.


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