Saturday, January 28, 2006


Bazaar in 5 Days!

My blogroll is about to undergo a major expansion as I plan to add the following fine blogs:

1. Sumiyoshi Pilgrim: A very interesting Koreablog with a Japanese name. Features ruminations on East Asia and Marcus Aurelius.

2. Laudator Temporis Acti: A highly literate blog unafraid to plunge into the murky depths of ancient Greek and Latin.

3. Riding Sun: A fantastic, often hilarious Japanblog I've been meaning to slap on the blogroll for some time.

4. One Free Korea: Tirelessly fighting the good fight.

5. Seoul Hero: Shout-out to Nathan for a well-written blog covering matters both personal and cosmic.

6. My Pet Jawa: Not a blog for dedicated lefties. While MPJ leans much farther right than I ever could (I consider myself a moderate on most matters), this blog-- now something of a group blog-- has done some stellar work on behalf of hostages taken by various terrorist groups. I have to respect that sort of dedication.

7. Sperwer's Log: Seems silly to announce the birth (or rebirth) of my friend's blog without actually blogrolling it! Check Sperwer out.

8. Corsair the Rational Pirate: Acerbically antireligious and witty. Also, the guy seems addicted to Korean women's midriffs. In a recent post, he comments on my home state of Virginia, which is now trying to ban gay marriage. I agree with Corsair that this is a fantastically stupid move.

So there we are. That's the list. Eight blogs. Eight tentacles of the octopus. Be patient, folks: the blogrolling won't be immediate, because it takes time to craft my sidebar images. Meantime, Tentacles, welcome to the art gallery.

UPDATE: Two other blogs for the blogroll:

9. Gangwon Notes, a well-written, thoughtful blog with plenty of pictures.

10. WP Cadet, a blog that signifies the triumphant return of DP, who has been accepted into a well-known military academy.



Anonymous said...

So when do I get my own unique Kevin Kim icon? Maybe I shouldn't ask . . . .

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kevin! By the way, a Happy New Year to you, and thank you for finding blog #1; I've added him to my blogroll, too.

Hope the cold's ok!