Tuesday, January 17, 2006

what possessed me?

I work with two (UPDATE: make that three) very cute coworkers, but ever since last year's crotchocentric meltdown, I've been cautious about the whole Coworker Thing. On some level I must've realized that there's better grazing elsewhere.

Today... I'm still trying to figure it out... I walked away from a conversation with the very nice teller at my local bank-- a lady I see about twice a month-- with the dawning realization that I'd spent the last five minutes of our conversation (mostly in Korean) flirting with her.

That's a new one on me. My last few relationships (or non-relationships, in some cases) have all been with ladies with whom I'm in close contact, i.e., classmates and coworkers.

Definitely a new one on me.

Shit, I better check if she's married.


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Anonymous said...

fertilize, baby!