Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Emperor's New Look

[Kevin's UPDATE 1: The following post was written by my buddy Tam Gu Ja. He and his wife made a hilarious Hello Kitty template and applied it to my blog. The template vanished, however, when I edited his entry and republished. I'm hoping TGJ has the template stashed somewhere safe to reapply to the blog. It was pretty damn funny. I've sent TGJ an email about the new template's disappearance, so there's a chance we'll get to see it again.]

[Kevin's UPDATE 2: All seems to be in order. Hello Kitty reigns. And may God have mercy on us all.]

Once upon a time, long ago, I was burning the long night away reading things on the Internet, as I sometimes am known to do. On this fateful night, I learned of my long-time friend Kev's love for a small, Japanese pussy. Shortly thereafter, the otherwise bright and rational Kev engaged in a rare and remarkable lack of good judgment. He gave me access to his weblog. Foolish mortal! You have failed to consider the consequences of such an action. Welcome to your new Blogger template!

Since we have been delighted with foodblogging, it is only fitting to reveal (or remind you of) the existence of Hello Kitty sushi!

Finally, for those women out there that want to catch a bit o' that kitty vibe, I have bad news. The Sanrio Hello Kitty Vibrator is apparently no longer made. Though this is apparently a novelty product and not a top-performer in the field, at least one Hello Kitty fan was, well, pleased with the vibrator, saying that

With patience and tender, loving care, Hello Kitty will bring sunshine, happiness and wave after wave of pleasure to your life. -by Janet Choi, Sweet and Sour Editor August 25, 2003 + Denver, CO

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