Friday, May 12, 2006

about women

You might not gather it from my titty-fucking jokes, but I'm actually a strong advocate of women's rights. Call me a Camille Paglia post-feminist-- a feminist without a large stick up my ass. This means I can joke about titties, and women are equally free to joke about die Schlange. No need to get uptight: just return fire.

If you're into women's rights, the following will be of interest to you. Both the Lost Nomad and the Goat have blog posts up that might get your blood boiling. Both posts deal with the excesses perpetrated by men in positions of authority: the Nomad mentions a policeman's attempt to rape a woman who said she was a rape victim; the Goat, meanwhile, expresses outrage about a psychiatrist who advises men to get drunk and womanize without agonizing over what they're doing. Both men deserve a baseball bat to the skull, multiple times.

The fact that the men in question are Korean is incidental: a similar problem can be found in other countries, and it has a lot to do with both maleness and authority (or, more precisely, the abuse thereof).

Give those posts a read, if you're so inclined.


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