Saturday, May 27, 2006

concern for a coworker

I see news reports of a large, 6.2 earthquake in the central Java province of Indonesia, close to a city called Yogyakarta. My recently-married coworker, WS, has spent the past week in Bali, an island not far from the quake's epicenter. I'm hoping that she & her hubby left Indonesia before the quake occurred (Korean honeymoons, like Korean wedding ceremonies, are notoriously short-- honeymoons are about a week, maximum). I don't know what airport they were planning to fly out of, but Yogyakarta's airport runway is now cracked and currently unusable.

In the meantime, my thoughts go out to the Indonesian people, who have suffered quite enough at the hands of nature (tidal wave) and man (Bali bombings, etc.).


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